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Never before have I played a game with so few flaws.

A short and sweet little game! I play it in the first half of this video!

Fun and entertaining little game. My kids enjoy rolling around eating berries, they don't like it if the bear eats the rabbits :)

I would love to see this game Expanded upon sometime in the future, best expansion game by far.

Game crashes on attempt to load the first level. Windows 7 64 bit


Absolutely lifechanging

Very cute game, but it would benefit greatly from a controls screen. I still can't figure out how to jump as a round bear, and I had to use my controller to look around and my keyboard to walk, as with a mouse looking around makes me motion sick, and I can't seem to move forward with the controller.

Can you add more stars so we can make the bears even fatter? Maybe mountain sized?


It legit takes 10-15 minutes for each level to load. Otherwise it's cute to roll around and eat stuff. MacOS Catalina


Katamari Bearmacy is one of the most aesthetically satisfying games I've ever played. But it was over so fast! Team, you have left me with a deep spiritual need for more (and longer) fat bear levels. I would play (and buy!) at least a hundred more levels of this glorious nonsense.

Very fun, very cute!

Is there a way to freeze the timer?

This was so cute thank you !! I also liked finding out the special berries it was good :)

After about ten minutes of playing, it crashed.

Why is there an invisible wall at the top of the waterfall if the bottom is also part of the level?

Hi, I can´t get pass the starting screen. i click play and the lake and it doesn´t turn on. I can´t play this game.

I wasn't able to start playing -- the game seemed to not know how to handle my 4:3 aspect ratio monitor, and the menus were layered in a way that covered up the level select. (Guess I found an edge case for you!)

I wasn't able to start playing either, with a three-monitor setup and no way of finding any controls to start a game. The top and bottom of the game were missing so couldn't see any menus. Would love to play this with my 3-year old!


Super cute and short game, it's worth a try and only ask for a couple of minutes. The chonky bears are so adorable, and for some reason it gave me a Banjo Kazooie vibe, maybe because of the music xD


Fun game, super quick.
I'd like a control page to show so you know what to press.
I obviously automatically went to mouse and WASD. But that assumption shouldnt be made.

I played a bit, got silver for 2 and the special orb.
But now anytime I play my A get does not register.
So I am unable to "finish" the game.

It has a nice feel, movement feels clunky in the start but you get used to it and the game is pretty fun.


Was ecstatic to play such a cute looking game, but it just crashes when I try to run the first level. Help?? :(


Best thing to happen to me this year


Great game - I've had no problems running it on Windows 10. I cannot for the life of me, though, figure out how to get to the area with the birds on the third level!


Oddly enough, ten minutes after I posted this, I figured out how to do it. Didn't realize I could jump as a rolly boy!

I still can't figure out how to jump as a round bear. At the beginning I can jump with the space bar, but that doesn't work once you get round. How'd you do it??


A tip: The birds will come back if you leave the area for a moment!




Very fun for the 30 seconds I'm able to play before it crashes. Would love to be able to play more


Not to brag but I 100% Fat Bear Week in under an hour. Nbd


Run and cute but it made me motion sick but I get motion sick easily.


Game is super cute and hilarious. I would gladly pay for an expansion that adds more levels! 


Cute and fun!


Game looks cute, but for reason unknown to me it crashes right after i try to launch first level. Any tips, anyone?


Ohhhhhhhh I LOVE IT!! But I just CANNOT eat absolutely everything, it's so tough!


One thousand out of ten. Fat bear week changed my life. I will be an infinitely better person after playing this game. When I found out that there were areas that you had to think to get into, I turned on my one brain cell and positively erupted in delight when I unlocked the next bears.


do something special with your loved ones, play fat bear week


The squishiest most roundest most friend-sized and -shaped friends that ever existed. Good job y'all, this was a blast!