A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Fat Bear Week

Become the fattest bear before winter comes!

Roll around eating food and turning into the biggest bear of the forest! Unlock new friends and levels by finding hidden berries!

  • A third person, single player action paced collectathon full of delicious food to eat and secrets to find
  • A full cast of lovable bears to unlock
  • Full controller support

The controls are simple and accessible - simply roll, jump and eat everything in your path. Explore a cute and colorful world full of everything good a bear could ever want and discover the secrets hidden in each level.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(117 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Animals, bear, Colorful, Cute
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


FatBearWeek_Win.zip 114 MB
FatBearWeek_Mac.zip 116 MB


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Highly recommend playing this with other people watching so you can all share the joy of the fun bear physics. :D

Doesn't work on an ultrawidescreen monitor. The aspect ratio puts important buttons off screen. :(

I had a great time with this game!! I love the concept of it, as well as the level designs! My only complaint was that it was really really short ;( However!! besides that, it was truly an amazing sight to see! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! 


Great Bear

MORE! i 100% it and it was not enough. also more bear costumes plz this game is so fucking cute you dont understand i need more

Please more of this! 

Katamari type beat but with overeating and THICC bears. Quick and fun this game is pretty unBEARlievable. 

Here is me restarting the game about 4 times trying to play (1:14:00):

I couldnt stop smiling, I love this so much!

Bears are my fav animal so I HAD to try this game, and I love the silliness and colorful world. Thanks for making a cute fun little game :)


It's Beary good.

what are the system requirements?

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I really didn't expect this game to be as engrossing as it ended up being. So cute! So calming! I love it.

It would be cool if the levels ended as soon as you collected everything for the intrepid speedrunners that might want to try rolling through the game quickly- would love giving that a shot if it was added!

Or make it like a speedrun mode so casual players have fun instead of it ending somewhat quickly.

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A really good casual game. I streamed it for my partner and we both loved it so much, from style to gameplay. This is a really well made game. The core loop is simple but works very well. I felt very relaxed and enjoyed collecting the bears! Gotta love the winston XD.

Great game to relax and enjoy the time spent, i love the squishy physics of the bear and kind of scratches an itch for me personally. Thank you for making this! 1st Game.

There you go i've gotten all the bears,

Thank you for such an awesome game, enjoy it great fun.

I love bears and this game


Chonky boi; its so cute and fun. Just a real ball to play X3


Extremely cute! Absolutely loved this game


this is a very nice and well made game. i downloaded it for my sister but she has yet to play it, so my brother played and he loved it. he really liked when the bear became big chonk. keep up the good work.


I am become chonk: destroyer of worlds.


A very polished game; NightinGames had a lot of fun with the bouncy bear! Keep up your great work.

it's not good for me my dad deleted Fat Bear Week_Data


Hello I played this adorable game on my youtube channel I adore them so much 



Round bear


soon I will become big enough to devour even the biggest of foods!


Hilarious! I hope I was able to do this game justice with my video. This game was so much fun I'll have to do a part 2


Hey Dev! I included your game on this week's Indie Game Playlist!



Very Fun


Hehe, chonky bears :) 


we are bearing bad news Katamari. .
Your Fat successor has arrived! ヾ(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ )

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OMG I Need MORE!!!! 

This game is fantastic!


This was so much fun! Provided a lot of laughs and a light challenge. This could definitely be turned into a fully fledged game with more levels and special abilities. But as it stands, this is still a very enjoyable experience! Great work!

A really good and funny game!!~~


hi,you're indonesian right.me tooo!!!halo!!!!


hallo wkwkwk


Very cute, really enjoyed it!

I am 70 year man from Kyrgyzstan. Sorry if bad Londonese. I selled my daughter for internete connection to playing of bear game. After bear game I am many happies. If game any longest then I am sell my wife from Ukraina. Not even the medicine from szolnok makings me happyest then this game

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This game is a true banger, an absolute corker, a certified slapper, a genuine doozer. This game will make you quit your job, divorce your wife and become homeless and you will LOVE it. This game is the best drug I have ever tried or will try. the come up is an upper, the peak is euphoric and the comedown is relaxing, I could spend a lifetime playing this game and not realise. Just the sight of one of those chonkers gets me excited.  But I have one grievance, WHERE IS 747? I NEED MY HEALTHY LAD, 747! He is an absolute must in this game. Dear Devs, have you seen his bodacious caboose???? I mean, look at that thing. I need to see him eat himself into a Space Hopper!

I truly thank you for giving me the privilege of playing this game.

chonk bear  week
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It crashes for me after I select a level :/ (I'm on Windows 8, might be that my OS is just too outdated)

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